Car “hibernation” Winter car storage precautions


In winter, the temperature is lowered, people are lazy to get the door, and the car is moving less. In addition, winter is really not a good season for driving; therefore, people are more careful in protecting their cars in winter, trying to avoid the damage of salt, potholes and gravel on the road, not willing to Let it run a little more; there are still some cars mainly returning to their hometown for the New Year. Because of the long distance, they simply choose to let the car park in the garage for a winter car storage tips.As the English song “Danny Boy” sung: “The summer” s gone, and all the flowers are dying. “Winter is coming, if you pamper your car, this winter wants to have a good night’s sleep in the garage, come to a “hibernation”, then you must prepare for it for the winter. In this issue, small I would like to remind you of some issues that need to be paid attention to when storing your car in winter. I hope that everyone will pay attention to the winter car storage.


NO.1 long-term placement, don’t forget the fuel tank


If you keep your car in good condition throughout the winter, you need to make a lot of preparation, whether it is a classic classic car or just a car you want to save. First of all, the easiest thing you can overlook is the “hidden” of a few liters of gasoline in the tank.Gasoline that has been stored for a few months may become bad. In other respects, gasoline will oxidize and then precipitate, and may even block the fuel system of the car. Of course you can drain the gasoline out of the tank, but doing so may cause the tank and fuel lines to rust due to moisture. In order to avoid such a situation, it is a good idea to add fuel stabilizers to gasoline.Fuel stabilizers are quite inexpensive and they can guarantee that the fuel will not deteriorate. Secondly, you should ensure the closure of the fuel tank as much as possible to prevent the condensation of the gasoline, and the fuel stabilizer can also help you do this.In addition, Xiao Bian also advises you to change the oil, even if your car runs too few miles to replace the new oil. Because once the oil is used, there will be erosive substances suspended in the oil surface, and the long-term existence of these substances will corrode your engine. Also, remember to start your car every two to three weeks, even though the car has been stored, but still keep the cylinder lubricated: run the car for 20 minutes, or until it reaches the optimal operating temperature.


NO.2 check “two liquids”, put it on the heart



The engine is the heart of the car. If you put the car in the winter for a long time, it will also damage it. The importance of maintenance is self-evident. The “two liquids” (antifreeze and oil) are essential for the maintenance of the engine. Thinking of your car alone in the cold garage, have you thought about the way to keep it cold? If not, you can also add or update some “cold equipment” for your car.Let me talk about antifreeze first. Generally speaking, the antifreeze is changed every two years. If the ordinary water has been added to the antifreeze during the repair process or in an emergency, the antifreeze must be replaced even if it is less than two years. It can be said that the important thing in winter maintenance “two liquids” is antifreeze. At present, most vehicles use antifreeze. When using antifreeze, the most important thing is to determine the freezing point and dosage of antifreeze according to different regions and different models. The freezing point value can be understood by looking at the antifreeze brand. The freezing point of the antifreeze is generally about 30 degrees below zero. In general, the liquid freezing point of the antifreeze is 5 to 10 degrees Celsius lower than the lowest temperature in the driving area.When adding antifreeze, it is necessary to add appropriate amount. The liquid level of antifreeze is generally kept at about 10 mm from the water tank water inlet, or the same type of antifreeze can be added according to the standard scale on the water tank. Different brands of different models Do not mix. Do not add antifreeze or water too much, leaving enough space for thermal expansion of the tank. Finally, please remind us that the normal service life of antifreeze is generally 2 years. It should be replaced when the deadline is reached to ensure the cooling and antifreeze effect of the engine.In addition, it is also organic oil. If the oil used in winter is not replaced in time, it will cause difficulty in cold start when the car starts, and even a burning shaft hugs the shaft. Therefore, in the winter, the oil in the oil pan and air compressor should be replaced with the oil in winter; the gear oil in the transmission, the transfer case, the differential and the steering gear should be replaced with the gear for winter. Oil; after cleaning the hub bearing, add a lower viscosity bearing lubricant.In the winter, you can replace the high-grade gasoline. If you use the 93rd gasoline, you can change it to the 97th oil (in the fuel label range allowed in the car manual, select the high-grade fuel). Because the ambient temperature of the car in winter is lower, the use of high-scale gasoline has a higher ignition point and a stronger ignition capability.


NO.3 “dormant” have full power


Because the low temperature environment is extremely unfavorable to the battery, the battery capacity in the low temperature environment will be much lower than that at normal temperature. There are often cases where a normal battery is used at a normal temperature and suddenly there is no electricity in a cold place. Therefore, in the winter we must do a good job of battery maintenance.First of all, it is necessary to check the battery storage condition in time. If the engine starts to work hard or if the speed gradually drops after starting, it means that the battery voltage is insufficient and needs to be charged. Secondly, pay attention to check the liquid level of the electrolyte in the battery. After opening the battery and adding water cover, you will see that there will be upper and lower limit marks on the side of the battery. The liquid level of the general electrolyte should be higher than the upper edge of the plate. 10 to 15 cm. Once the water level is lower than the subscript line, add distilled water or battery replenisher. Do not add tap water directly, as this will cause damage to the battery.In addition, if you can clean the battery wiring harness at the same time and apply special grease to protect it, it will be more helpful to extend the battery life. In addition, winter vehicles will be placed in the open air for a long time, then the battery should be removed and stored in a warm place to prevent freezing and freezing. If you need to be reminded that if the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, the discharged battery will freeze. At this time, the frozen battery must be thawed. Otherwise, direct charging may cause an explosion, and it is better to use small. The current is slowly charged.I also want to remind you that even if the vehicle is not used for a long time, remember to always “start”, and you should always move the car, do not let the tires of the car always be in one position, then remove the battery wiring, so that Prevent the battery from being discharged, prevent the battery from losing power, and then connect it when it is used.


NO.4 inside and outside, keep clean


The above said so much, then what is our last step? That’s right, it’s our “face project” to make sure that the car is clean inside and out.Wash and wax, make sure the car is dry and keep it dry, because moisture is the biggest enemy of the car; put a bag of desiccant, such as silica gel, in the car to absorb excess water in the car, especially in winter The most wet coastal areas; at the same time solve the stains on the carpet or bedding, so that they can never be cleaned; you can also use silicone spray or glue to lubricate all doors, hinges, weather strips.Finally, you also need to prevent rats and bedbugs from entering the car. There are many insecticides available, and these insecticides have proven to be extremely effective. In addition, ensure that there is no food in your car to help prevent pests from entering, and rags are inserted into the exhaust pipe. Of course, remember to take out the rags that are inserted into the exhaust pipe to avoid poisoning accidents. It is also useful to cover the airflow body and air intake, but it depends on how long your car is going to be stored.In the winter, I believe that the most headaches for friends who are parking in the open air, apart from the experience of sitting in the car every day, such as hail, the most troublesome thing is that the car can’t beat the fire. So how do you make the battery “live” healthier in the winter? Should the battery be removed if it is parked for a long time? How to maintain afterwards? Today’s article, let’s talk briefly, the story of winter battery maintenance:The article is divided into two parts. The first part is to talk about how to maintain the battery if you plan to drive in the winter. The second part talks about if you are not ready to drive in the winter, then how to deal with the battery will not be out of power.


In the first part we have to clarify one principle: is the battery most afraid? Most afraid of low temperature! Low temperatures will make the battery capacity much lower than at normal temperature, and will reach the end of life faster. Therefore, there will always be a friend’s car, and the battery that is normally used in a warm place will suddenly have no electricity in a cold place. So the first thing we need to pay attention to is to avoid the battery working or storing in a low temperature environment.The electrolyte height should be checked before the cold season. If necessary, replenish the electrolyte of the battery, adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte, and check the storage condition, and charge if necessary. At the same time, clean the battery wiring harness and apply special grease to protect it, ensure reliable start-up and extend battery life.After properly arranging the parking position and controlling the battery ambient temperature, we can also carry out some daily small maintenance on the battery to extend the life of the battery. For example, use a damp cloth to scrub the outside of the battery , and wipe off the dust, oil, white powder, etc. on the panel and the column head ( that is, the positive and negative poles ). Frequently scrubbing the stigma of the battery (ie the electrode), not only the white acid-etched powder will accumulate on it, but the battery life will be longer than expected.Then, what should I do if I find that the battery electrolyte level is low when I am cleaning the battery ? Open the water cap of the battery. Generally, there will be upper and lower limit markings on the side of the battery for your reference. If the water level is found to be lower than the subscript line, distilled water must be added. Note that ordinary domestic water is not a substitute. If you do not get distilled water, you can use tap water to filter emergency. The water cannot be added too much, and the standard is the most suitable for the middle of the upper and lower marking lines.


At the same time, it should be noted that after each stop, the car is not in a completely static state. In the traditional impression, as long as the car key is screwed to the closed state of the electric door, all the parts of the car are in a stopped state. However, when the engine temperature is too high, even if the car is in a flameout state, the car key is pulled away from the car, and the cooling system will automatically start to cool the engine system. Only when the engine system temperature drops, the cooling system will automatically stop working, usually 3 to 5 minutes.

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